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Production Consulting

Supplier Guidance  & Roster Management

Talent and  music negotiation

IP right management and licensing

Training - Workshops

Production Consulting
Production Consulting
Video - Photo - Digital - Audio - Event
PIP provides content production expertise for brands. We partner with marketing and create value & efficiency by providing our production expertise. Working with PIP as an objective partner ensures a transparent, professional process and an increase of the return on your marketing investment. Our well-known ‘9 key moments method’ , briefing and budget templates an our in-depth knowledge of the market helps our clients to be a more professional team player and make their supplier deliver a smooth pro active process and best market value.
Agency - Supplier Guidance
& Roster Management
We help brands to ensure they have the optimal agency roster and to leverage the specific expertise of creative suppliers with local market place knowledge of the agency and supplier landscape. Benchmarking of remuneration models, evaluation of the match between existing contract and the reality of needs, adjustments, negotiations and confirmations can be managed by PIP.
PIP guides brands when working with an agency and when brands choose to work directly with creative suppliers we have BEP as a service to support our clients. Decoupled or direct production can be beneficial and creates opportunities that enable brands to create more creative content in an efficient way. With this trend comes the risk of an unwieldy roster, unqualified suppliers, bad conditions or shady or lack of intellectual property agreements, or other avoidable risks. Our BEP experts, with profound knowledge of the production landscape, give support when selecting and assigning the best creative suppliers like production companies, post houses, animators, sound studio’s, composers, voices, talent etc, making sure our clients have the best fit. We leverage the specific expertise for the best budget possible. BEP can provide inhouse production services for brands that decide to execute their creative ideas without agency supervision, like digital content, event production, photography or TV commercials production.
Talent and Music Negotiation  -  User Right Management
In situations where a brand wishes to contract talent, influencers, composer’s photographers, or other right owners directly (so not with the agency as a subcontractor) PIP conducts negotiation and confirm in professional license agreements on behalf of the brand.
rights management
training en masterclass
Training & Workshops
We on-board our clients with an informative & entertaining master class ‘way of work with PIP & making sense of content production’. 
PIP also provides tailor made trainings on specific subjects like ‘roster management’, intergraded production, production cost drivers etc. upon request.
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