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The partner for brands that want the most value out of their marcom production budget

We are a production consultant company and a partner for brands that want to optimize their content production. 

Through our expertise, brands can get the most out of their budgets and relationships. PIP provides support in the area’s of video productions, photography, digital and event-based projects. It is now more important than ever that this content is produced efficiently. PIP advises clients in understanding how best to use the available resources, creative suppliers and talent, and help brands get a grip on earnings and spending.  PIP provides maximum results to the bottom line.

Production Consulting

Supplier Guidance  & Roster Management

Talent and  music negotiation

IP right management and licensing

Training - Workshops

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Brand Executive Production

A story.. unfortunately based on many true stories

(and avoiding this to happen, is one of the things we can do for you..)

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